From what time can we join SHD baby swimming classes?

You can begin classes from 3 months old but you have to wait for the vaccination which the child gets with 3 month.

Is a medical certificate necessary?

Thanks to the new law regulations you do not have to have one. At the spot the parent certifies with his/her signature, that neither he/ she or the baby suffers from an infectious disease and that the baby got all the compulsory vaccinations.

Do I have to make an appointment for the class?

YES! You have to settle an appointment on phone in order to not to overstep the limited 7 person capacity in pool.

What do I have to put on my child for the class?

The usage of a three layer special swimming panties is compulsory which can be set by the tights and waist (you can receive one at the Reception). Under this panties the child has to wear a normal swimming panties, what you can buy in every drugstore.

What kind of devices are needed in the pool area?

Clean slippers, towel, swimming costume, 3 layered special swimming panties and one normal throwable panties

Can we both enter water with my child?

During classes only one parent can be in the water but during the 15 minutes play time both of you can be in the pool.

When do we have to arrive at the swimming pool?

It is worth to arrive 15 minutes before the class starts.

What kind of preparation can be done at home?

You do not have to do any preparation earlier, after a few weeks age you can bath the child careless in a big tub because the feeling of levitation is not unfamiliar to the child, it is rather comforting. Rock the child by holding his head when he/she is lying on his/her back and after on the stomach.

Are we going to dive on the first class already?

NO! Only on the third or fourth class. Only if the baby and parents are both ready for it.

Is it compulsory to wear a swimming cap in the pool?

The child has to wear it only over 4 years in Stilianos swimming pools on the swimming classes.

How often is it worth to come to classes?

In average the parents come once a week to us with the child which is enough to get some regularity in the children’ life but if you want to join us twice a week it won’t assume the child.

Can the child also swim with daddy?

Of course! It is especially advised when dad does not see the baby so often during weekdays so they can make up for this quality time spending it together. We have also classes where daddies are in majority. Most of the dads are frightened of the playful, singing classes but of course they do not have to sing and after all they are really comforting the training.

Do we disturb the child if the parents are changing in water?

Nem, nyugodtan váltogathatjátok egymást. A gyerekek rugalmasak és jól alkalmazkodnak, már az elejétől így szokja meg és ez lesz a természetes. Az első pár órán azért érdemes az anyukának is átöltöznie, ha netán az édesapa jelenléte nem lenne elég megnyugtató a gyermek számára, hiszen tudjuk a legtöbb csecsemő az anyukájával tölti az idő nagyobb részét, így ő jelenti számára a biztonságot. Az apukák viszont gyakran magabiztosabbak és bátrabbak, ami biztonságot nyújthat a gyermeknek.

What should I do if I notice on the first class that my child does not like the class or maybe he/she is crying? Is it worth to continue?

According to our experiences the first class is not always standard, it can happen that the baby does not like it first or feels unsafe. The children have to get used to a lot of new stimulus, to the new environment, people and all the circumstances which come with it e.g: noise.
Besides that the first class is usually tiring for them but it does not mean that the child does not like water-they only have to get used to it and grow stronger. If the child burst out in tears the parents shouldn’t get frightened, they have to get away further, calm down the child and look for the reason of crying.

I want to come alone with my child but I am afraid, that I cannot handle everything alone.

Most of the parents visits us alone which is supported by time and routine well. The changing table room is equipped with playpens, where you can put down your child securely while you are changing. Direct men and women changing rooms can be entered both from the changing table room so you can always monitor them and hear their voice- but of course other parents are helping happily also. Beside that we are also there to guide you. Ask for help if you feel like!

Is there possibility to feed or breastfeed after class?

Naturally, you can feed the baby in the changing table room or the attached breastfeeding corner. For the older children high chairs can be found at the Reception area.

When will my child be able to swim?

At the age of 2 or 3 most of the children are capable to reach the edge of the pool with their own natural movements, concrete swimming lesson starts at the age of 3.5 which is more than one year later on.

Is it worth to start baby swimming later on also?

Of course yes, thanks to the SHD level system and to the conscious diving method your child can join the appropriate age class anytime. We can develop skills and water safety also at the age of 2 or 3 years old, because this age rage also has its own sensitive period to develop.
Only disadvantage is that the children at this age are not babies anymore, they are having their own willing and they do not always follow rules.

What shall I do when my child is in a tantrum and does not want to follow instructions at a class?

Every child is an independent little person with an own spiritual world and emotions and especially when they are one year old they are having a hissy period, which cannot always be handled.
With appropriate education you can overcome it easily and the children learn fast that after they have done the instructions during class they will have play time.

Why is it good to dive children?

It is necessary to create water safety, which cannot be reached without diving. For those children who learnt that, it won’t be a problem to open eyes under water. They will dive confidently so they can easily learn later on swimming.

What happens if my child does not like diving?

Nothing, we won’t force the child under water of course. Rather we try in a playful way to get to know diving with the child and try to forget with her/him the bad memory they have. There is no criteria that the children have to dive during class- we can also develop skills without it also but everybody sees after a time that diving is inevitable if we want to become our child water safe and to be happy.

With diving my child will not drown or get a lack of oxygen?

Definitely NOT! We are not doing anything with the child which will endanger them anyway. Diving is prepared during classes and if both parent and child are ready for it, we will give a try. Diving does not last only just for seconds so nor drowning or a status of oxygen lacking will occur. Our instructors are well-trained teachers, possessing over first aid and life-saving certificates so they can do their job precisely responsible.

What happens if we start baby swimming when the child has no diving reflex anymore?

Having diving reflex is not significant at Stilianos, we only dive children with the conscious diving technique which goes without diving reflex.

If I have children with different ages can they join the same group/ class?

It is rather advised to find the children’s own age group because tasks are grouped in a thematically way according to age groups. Sometimes it is good to put them in the same group but after all the younger one won’t feel doing tasks because he/she is not capable and is not having any success. Otherwise the older child will be demotivated because he/ she can solve the tasks too easily. After the younger child becomes 1.5 or 2 years old they can join the same group.

I am pregnant with my second child, can I still attend with my child at classes?

Of course you can still come to classes if the pregnancy is not endangered or the class is not too tiring. Doctors and visiting nurses always advise pregnant women not to swim during pregnancy but because we are not a public spa and everybody is taking care of hygiene because of the children- women do not have to fear from infections. Thanks to the UV light disinfection the water is always clean 24 hours a day. Water temperature is always comfortable warm and if it is under our body temperature it is also good for the fetus.

Can the sauna be used from the beginning?

Yes, you can try the sauna also for the first time even with the youngest ones. At first you just only try it to get warmer but after also visit it for preventing respiratory illnesses and getting used children to them because it has a few good effects. No coincidence that Finnish children are the healthiest in the world.
We have to get the children used to the sauna step by step and you have to watch their faces.
For the first time only a few minutes but after 3-4 occasions 5-15 minutes can be spent in the bio sauna, the temperature won’t rise high of course.

When can we come after the ears got pierced?

After ear piercing it is worth to wait a week so that the wound can heal and not to get infected in water. Maybe after class it can be disinfected with Betadine.

How can premature babies join classes?

After informing the instructors, to join the appropriate level in the SHD level system we have to set carefully the development of the child. Instructors and parents are deciding over it together.

I want to join classes with my disabled child, which class shall we go?

You can join any group appropriate to your child’s age group. After a few times you can consult with the swimming instructor whether the joint group is fine for the child; if not- you can go one age level lower or we also start classes for mentally disabled children, which is maybe better for them.

Can we come to class if we have different rashes and red skin?

If you are not sure that the rash is harmless (maybe it occurred just because of a certain food allergy), consult first a doctor before entering the pool. In case of eczema inform please the instructor.

Can we take part in the class if we got a flu?

In a case of a normal cold: the high vapor content of the air at the swimming pool and the salt brick in the sauna can be rather helpful, but if you have a runny nose of green thick phlegm it is an infectious illness so better skip the class.

With a skin of eczema can we join baby swimming?

At the slightest range of eczema the water in our pool is not dangerous at all because it is chlorine-free. In serious cases when the skin is bursted or full of scars we shall be advised by a doctor because it can be infectious as well.

Is my child not getting aviator ears from the water? Inflamed middle ears?

No, this kind of inflammation is only happening at high respiratory infections, after a cold due to the sediment of phlegm- so it has nothing to do with the water.

What kind of qualifications do the swimming instructors have?

Our well-trained SHD baby swimming and swimming instructors are possessing over lifesaving and first aid certificates so they are performing a responsible job with the attention to children’s interest and wholeness.