In our next video we summarized our motivation as to why we established our Stilianos Baby Swimming and what are our characteristics and qualities are which help us stand out amd be unique and significant.



One of the base pillars of sustainable environment is chemical exemption. We believe that environment protection, the acknowledegment, forming and the strenghtening of this approach is our task in the aspect of our childrens future.

Although not only this approach is relevant but we are pioneers in realising it.

Our swimming pools are green swimming pools, we can ensure you that we are the first in Hungary to use a chemical-free environment. For almost 15 years now we are the first to use chlorine-free water in our swimming pool. Now, the swimming pool spaces and other places are cleaned chemical-free.The water is disinfected with UV light and active oxygen while we clean public places with our Stilianos Baby Care detergents, which contain only infusions.

Our cooperating partner in the realization of „We are green” project is Cleanne. As a result of our partnership: family homes can become chemical-free also and ensuring a baby-friendly environment.



We consider social engagement as highly important, the base of our faith is help, empathy, humanity and support.

Vivien Varga, owner of the swimming pool company, and therapist for disabled children has taken part in a nation-wide program for the Advanced training of the Hungarian Association of Housing Nurses as a special education teacher. Her presentation is about the different developmental process of typical and atypical children; the importance of realising a problem and indicating; the possibilities of help and indirectly supporting the development of children.

As Christmas is coming, we traditionally support Őrangyal 2004 Életmentő Foundation with fundraising, delighting some children and their families in need. Every swimming pool unit joined us, encouraging parents to fundraise and teach children the relevance of assistance.

We believe that environment protection, the familiarisition of this approach and the intensification is everyone’s task for the future of our children. We are building the main idea of environment protection in our trainings- we will discuss the ways that our trainings can be used at home, at schools or other locations.

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